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Welcome to A2B Counselling Services. My name is Alison.

As an experienced counsellor, I understand that we all need help sometimes to find our way in life, from A to B. It can be hard to share our worries and problems with our loved ones, for fear of 'bringing them down' or through our own shame or embarrassment. That is why I have spent many years running my own counselling business and helping people find their own solutions to their problems. I believe that every individual is an expert on themselves and given the right environment and support, will find their own way. I do not judge or criticise, but just allow someone to explore their feelings in a safe, informal and relaxed space.


Counselling Room

Peaceful & comfortable.

Counselling can give you.....

Hope, courage, confidence & wellbeing....

original?tenant=vbu-digital find your stepping stones

and move forward.

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